which color wallet to use with gold mirroir?

  1. I am supposed to get my gold mirroir next week but what color wallet & accessories am I supposed to use? I have mono, white MC & black MC PTI's. I don't know if any of them will look good with the gold. Should I try to get something vernis? What are you mirroir owners using? Please advise..................
  2. Maybe something damier? I own some mat amber items and i like to use them with damier.
  3. I LOVE mat amber!
    Goes with everything - don't know if you can find it anymore.
  4. I was planning on using my mono zippy organizer in my gold Miroir Lockit, but I also have the Damier zippy organizer and the Pomme zippy so I'll have to see which one would go best. We are in the same boat!! We'll just have to "play" with our wallets and Lockit then. LOL
  5. I would get this one

  6. I tried my Pomme Cles against my Silver lockit
    i think it looks cute so maybe you could see what some of the Vernis colours look like when you go to pick it up?
    But the Vernis looks great with mioir i will post a few pics of mine for you! :smile:
  7. white Suhali :yes: :tup: :drool:
  8. OMG-I think I died and went to heaven!! That looks soooo hot Kaiie!!!!! I wonder if Pomme will look that good on the gold?
  9. I am thinking black.
  10. I think gold miroir would look fine with mono...since the LV's on the mono pattern is a golden-yellow colour.

  11. I agree.... the gold Miroir will look great with a mono wallet. I've been waiting for a special occassion to break in my Cerise zip wallet and I think that a gold lockit will do nicely.
  12. I was also wondering this as I am getting the gold as well. I think I am going to use mono for the reason mentioned above, the logo is a yellowy gold color and I think it will look nice, I guess I will have to see IRL though. What are people using that already have the gold miroir from the last collection?
  13. I think it should do!
    Might even look better since it's got a gold zipper and everything!
    i think you should deffinatly have a look :yes:
    Can't wait to see your pics:nuts:
  14. Pomme with Gold lockit would be SOOOOO pretty !!
  15. I'm ummm...waiting for the new long Suhali wallet...*sheepish*
    Meanwhile, I'm using my gold dentelle ludlow with it :smile:

    Edit: And I took a piccy too, hehe :smile: