Which color wallet should I get???

  1. Hi all,

    I really like the looks of the metallic reissue wallet. Now comes the hard part, that is the color to choose. There are 3 colors to choose from: metallic black, metallic light silver and dark silver.

    I'd like it to match with mostly black with silver hw, also are thse still available and is it a ltd ed?

    Thanks in advance! =)
  2. I'll get metallic black :drool:
  3. I would get either metallic black or dark silver. I'm not too crazy about the light silver. :yes:

    I keep seeing them at Chanel Ala Moana. Contact Judy Chin if you're interested. Tell her Isabel sent ya. :love:

  4. i love the dark silver colour :smile:
  5. i vote metallic black or dark silver also, they are both beautiful
  6. metallic black
  7. another vote for either dark silver / metallic black :heart:
  8. Am partial to the dark silver. It would be easier to spot in the bag, too.
  9. i have the dark silver but i love the metallic black too!
  10. I love both the dark silver and the metallic black! I give a slight edge to the dark silver one because it stands out more.

  11. i have the metallic black and its tdf!
  12. i vote for the metallic black - so classic! i saw it this weekend at bloomies scp (june is a super helpful SA)
  13. i vote for metallic black.
  14. I pick the metallic black as well.
  15. Yup Chanel Ala Moana definitely had the metallic black wallet still in. They used to have dark and light silver. They may still have those colors too, but I didn't ask and they may have just not been on display. :yes: