Which color UGG boots should I buy?

Which color UGG boots should I get?

  • Black

  • Chocolate

  • Chestnut

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Jun 9, 2006
Hi Ladies,

I want to get some new UGG boots as it is really starting to get cold in NY!:shame:

But I just can't decide what color to get so I really need your help!:flowers:

I would mainly wear them on the way to work and on the weekend.

The colours I mainly wear are:

white, black, brown, grey and blue (jeans)

So please let me know which color you would get!!

Thanks in advance!!:yes:


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I have the chocolate Uptown IIs (just posted pictures in The Glass Slippers thread), and I love them. The color's very rich and very nice.
Thanks for your responses, ladies!:yes:

So how do you feel about combining brown and black these days?
I.e. the Chocolate UGG boots and black handbag/pants?