Which color UGG boots should I buy?


Which color UGG boots should I get?

  1. Black

    7 vote(s)
  2. Chocolate

    17 vote(s)
  3. *


    20 vote(s)
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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I want to get some new UGG boots as it is really starting to get cold in NY!:shame:

    But I just can't decide what color to get so I really need your help!:flowers:

    I would mainly wear them on the way to work and on the weekend.

    The colours I mainly wear are:

    white, black, brown, grey and blue (jeans)

    So please let me know which color you would get!!

    Thanks in advance!!:yes:
    Black Ugg.jpg Brown Ugg.JPG Chestnut Ugg.jpg
  2. I like the last pair the best.
  3. The chocolate ones are my favorite.
  4. I have the chocolate Uptown IIs (just posted pictures in The Glass Slippers thread), and I love them. The color's very rich and very nice.
  5. love the chocolate!
  6. i'd get the chocolate ones..
    ive been wanting chocolate classic talls too, but their completely sold out.
  7. chocolates!, I love my black though
  8. Thanks for your responses, ladies!:yes:

    So how do you feel about combining brown and black these days?
    I.e. the Chocolate UGG boots and black handbag/pants?
  9. Chocolate! :biggrin:

    Like navy and black, black and brown look great together, IMO.

    Europeans combine the two all the time! :yes:
  10. moving to the Glass Slipper. . . .
  11. Chestnut.
  12. Thanks, Swanky! :yes:
  13. black or chestnut, they go with almost anything
  14. I would go with the chocolate ones
  15. I have uggs in black, chestnut, sand, and olive - chestnut is the most versatile color in my opinion. :p