which color trigger?

  1. ok this forum isn't good for me either, but since i just got a job and heard about the bloomies F&F event i figured i deserved to splurge a little.

    i meandered down to soho and pre-saled the champagne botkier satchel (as well as a cute pair of pink flats!) but i also saw the hazelnut one and now im thinking i like that one too... i really wanted a pretty summery bag, but do you think the hazelnut will have a longer play time?


  2. I have the Trigger in Hazelnut and Black. I decided to go with the hazelnut because it is a good neutral colour that really goes with everything. I also think that it's a colour you will be able to carry for a long time. I've had a lot of use from mine and really, really love the design. It is such a great everyday bag.
  3. I like the hazelnut color. Let us know what you decide.
  4. I like the Champagne for this bag. You don't see the bag everywhere, and it is a more distinctive color. I agree that the hazelnut would go with everything, though, so I suppose it depends on what your plans for the bag are.
  5. i love the metallic champagne too!
  6. Definitely the champagne! What a pretty bag!
  7. Ocean is beautiful.
  8. thanks!! i'm so indecisive...and my bf is totally against me spending a paycheck that i dont have yet. arghhhh!!
  9. Another vote for metallic champagne. Cute bag, I remember them being a little heavy for me though.

    Oh budgeting is the worst! I just don't tell my boyfriend how much my more expensive purchases are - I'm like you don't want to know...
  10. ooooh...the champagne color is pretty!