Which Color to pick for my very 1st City!!!

  1. Hi, everyone.

    I'm getting ready to buy my very 1st City bag, and having a hard time to decide which color to get...:love:

    My choices are Turquoise, Seaform, and Apple Green. I might get 2 of them, but for now I want to pick one...... I'm a jeans kind of girl, so I'm sure all of them go well with my clothes... Which color will you pick???
  2. Seafoam!!! :love:

    Do you have an actual opportunity to get these colors? They are hard to come by. Those colors are all gorgeous!
  3. OOOHHHHH!!! Apple Green! Just got mine, Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!
  4. If you can get your little hands on a Seafoam City- you cannot pass that up! THat color is absolutely TDF! SO JEALOUS!
  5. Definitely seaform.
  6. OMG those 3 colors are soooo rare!!! How you manage to get to them? I think if you get any, all of us here would be jealous :biggrin: :biggrin: But seafoam would be my first choice of all 3, followed by turquoise.... (sorry apple fans, this decision is toooo hard!)
  7. since they are all rare colors..get them all haha
  8. Turquoise!
  9. I like that idea. ;)
  10. Oh, I wish I can get them all girls.:biggrin:

    I think I'm going to get Apple City, I need some vivid color in my collection. I may get Seaform, too later....but not sure.
  11. Get all three, then sell your least favorite two to us!!!
  12. My vote goes to apple!
  13. Does anyone have a good pic of Seaform color?? It seems llike very light color, and I'm afraid it'll get dirty(like my White First). Now I decided on Apple, I still want one more City.....maybe Turquoise or Magenta?? If Seaform is not too light, that can be a candidate, too:love:
  14. lucky lucky girl!!!!! where did you get an apple??? I am dying to know...I love that color as well:nuts: :nuts: :love:
  15. Yes, yes! I was wondering the same thing. It was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack when I was trying to find mine :wacko: Found it though:P