Which color to pick for Edith??

  1. O.K., if you have a choice, which color would you pick.....Choc Brown or Whiskey???? What do you think girls????:huh:
  2. Whiskey!!! ;)
  3. I have the Whiskey and it's beautiful - however I have been lusting for the chocolate - so basically i'm no help!

    I think either one would be amazing!
  4. Whiskey, definitely. It goes with everything, and the color is very unique. There are lots of chocolate bags out there...but only ONE whiskey Edith!
  5. Whiskey is just mesmerizing....
  6. ^^I guess you ladies are right. whiskey is Edith's "signature" color (the one used in all the press photo's)
  7. Everyone likes Whiskey, huh??
    I have Paddy in Whiskey, but my SA and jag told me
    they are different colors....

    So there it is!! I ordered it from Saks, it should be here by Saturday!!:love:
  8. Which Saks? Do they have more?
  9. I called my local Saks, but they located me from NY Saks.
    When I called yesterday(just to check), they said there's 7 whiskey and a lot more on light tan color...
  10. WHOO HOOO!!!!!! So excited for you! Can't wait to see pics!:love:
  11. Saks NYC has 7 Whiskey Edith's in stock? And Chamois color (tan) too?? OMG...

    Oh, congrats on your purchase!!
  12. Oh, no no, Saks as whole stores in U.S. has 7 Whiskeys. Not Saks NY.
  13. Wintotty, what a cute avatar!!! She looks so snuggly!!!!

    Are you getting the whiskey?? It's gorgeous! The chocolate is gorgeous too! You can't go wrong with either color.
  14. The whiskey is featured on page 320 of this month's Instyle as being on the "Cool List". The article said there were 250 persons on the wait list; it is one of this season's most desireable bags...whether in Sidney, LA, or NYC and that Nichole Kidman has one to tote around. Well we all have one too. :lol: :P YEAH!!!:smile:
  15. Is there a new InStyle out already? Time for ET to go to the store...