which color to choose

  1. im getting ready to buy my first chloe and i found two great ones on eBay already had them authenticated now i just need to decided which one the first is tan and the second is khaki/olive and i was wondering which one you would choose for the fall season

    thanks so much


    P.s all feedback is greatly appreciated
  2. go for tan!
    ive just bought one and i love it soo much!!!!

    i think a natural colour would be best for your first bag!:tup:


  3. Tan is a safer color for a first bag.
  4. just three more questions... sorry i really am a novice at chloe bags

    1. is the khaki/olive a nice color for like everyday use?

    2. is it true that the 2005 paddys leather is alot softer and nicer then the later one?

    3. And the tan paddy is a bowling paddy it seems to be larger than the medium size

  5. the leather on 2005 paddies is the very best, i bought the tan as shown above and even though its pre loved its 10 times better then the leather on my mousse!
    i fine anything bigger than a normal paddy is to big! they are quite large.
  6. I'd say go for the tan. I've never seen the olive color. But the tan is more practical
  7. Tan!
  8. cupcake - I saw both auctions and say without a doubt the OLIVE/KHAKI is my favorite, handsdown... the color is beautiful! The tan is great too, you really can't go wrong, but in my opinion the Olive is a deep rich warm color that you will LOVE!
  9. Oooo this is a difficult one because it comes down to personal taste in the end. But for what it's worth, I would go for the tan because I think the colour is more versatile for a first Chloe (my first Paddie was Whiskey).