Which color to choose for my second Birkin, Black or Parchemin?


Which one to get?

  1. 35cm Black togo w/ PH

  2. 30cm Parchemin w/ PH

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I need your advices to make a decision.

    I have set myself a rule: Get only ONE birkin bag every two years, so I won't break my bank account. It's time to think about my second birkin now. I am thinking of getting a 35cm togo black, or a 30cm togo parchemin, both with PH.
    I :heart: the black one because it's really timeless. Parchemin is such a pretty color, plus, it's new, but I am afraid it will be seasonal. Both of them go well with everything, so which one should I get:confused1:

  2. I think it depends entirely on what you have already.

    I would be tempted to lean towards the Parchemin, but you can't go wrong with black.
  3. yeah I can't decide till I know what you have.
  4. Thank you for your reminder, ocmommy!

    My first one is a 25cm in Turquoise w/ PH!
  5. Hmmmm. Ok, in the case, I vote black 35.:tup:
  6. I am being biased since I love black, but I'd buy the black...it's a no brainer if you don't know what to wear.
  7. IMO you need a black...first ;)...and within 2 years Parchemin will be perefect :yes: !
  8. A SA told me that dark clothing colors tend to wear off on the Parchmein...which although I think it's a gorgeous color, might not be that practical for everyday use.
  9. If you love your 25 Turquoise, 35 might be a bit overwhelming. Parchemin is a lovely warm toned neutral and IMHO not a seasonal colour. It would brighten up any outfit. Colour transfer could be a problem, but if you really love it, that's just an occurrence to be handled :smile:
  10. Black. Basic black is a MUST. IMHO.
  11. dodozz1999 What colors do you tend to dress up in? That will help us add out 2 cents...
  12. black it is timeless no matter what h/w you choose!!!!
  13. I vote black.
  14. I voted for Parchmein. Parchmein may not always be offered. And since it's an available colour now, go for it. You can get black any time.
  15. Parchemin gets my vote too - it's so beautiful. Black's good too but as MrsS said it is will always be available.