Which color Sukey?

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been in love with the Sukey for months now and have been to Saks and the boutique to admire/try on/drool over all the bags. I've finally decided on the fabric over the Guccissima leather but can't decide on the color! I originally wanted the white (ivory?) trim but I think the brown is nice too.
    I have a lot of brown bags though but maybe the ivory wouldn't go with as much?
    Help me decide!!!!
  2. If you have alot of brown bags already i would go for the ivory.

    I have the sukey in the pink trim and its a gorgeous bag!!!
  3. brown
  4. i say go for the ivory!! i have the ivory guccissima trimmed sukey
  5. Ivory!
  6. I would like to help you choose - but I like both of those colours equally :smash:
  7. I carry my ivory trimmed bag all spring and summer and my darker colors in fall winter. But since you already have brown bags I'd go with the ivory.
  8. I find ivory gets dirty easily and fall is coming so I'd choose brown for myself.

    However, since you already have so many brown bags, white as a change of scenery wouldn't hurt :smile:
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    I have the white trimmed one myself but it's been sitting unused in my closet and I'm thinking of getting one in guccissima instead... You should get the colour you think you'd get the most use out of.
  10. I'd go for brown.
  11. My thoughts exactly! But definitely go for whichever goes with your wardrobe more.
  12. Since winter is approaching I would go for the brown trim.
  13. I finally decided and got the ivory Sukey! I kept thinking of her all day at work and realized I've wanted that color since before the summer. It should be on its way tomorrow. I also figure I can always sell a bag if I decide I want another color Sukey in the winter....:graucho:
  14. ^Congrats on your new sukey! Remember to post some reveal pics too!
  15. Yay! You will love her (no matter what color)! Can't wait to see the reveal!