Which color stamped bag is the best?

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  1. Grey or Red (rust)?

    Just curious on opinions. The red pops a bit more but the grey is nice and subtle.
  2. I think the gray is nice i have the black one but i wish wouldve gotten the gray one now.
  3. ^^So it DID come in black? I thought so but was not sure.

    Why do you wish you'd bought the grey one? Did you see the red one in person? Was it nice?
  4. here's the gray and brown. Can't find a pic of the red one :shrugs:

  5. i guess it's a handheld bag?!?!

    does it fit lots?!
  6. I always like the red...and after seeing them in person the red pops so much more!
  7. i prefer the gray. it looks classier somehow
  8. I like the gray. I would love to see pictures of the black. I have never seen it!?!
  9. i like they gray! =)
  10. Grey for me!
  11. i like the grey also.
  12. Red!
  13. I like the gray best ... it wasn't produced in black..only brown (more orange hues and gray). The shape reminds me of a mini-mizi:yes:
  14. Anyone have pics modeling the GM size in any color???
  15. What are those handles made of? :nuts: I've never seen the red but I like brown better than grey. :yes: