Which color St. Louis GM ?

  1. Do you prefer the grey or all black? With Casual clothing worn
  2. grey!
  3. Gray!
  4. Black on Black for sure
  5. Black!
  6. Both are equally gorgeous, but I like that black has more color in it's pattern. Grey would be a bit too plain with my looks, since I mainly wear all black looks.
  7. Black on black..
  8. gosh, both are great colors, i can't decide! if you wear a lot of black, then i'd go grey.
  9. I love the black. The grey is lovely but I think it looks washed out. That's just my opinion. :smile:

  10. I think I agree! Thanks
  11. Black
  12. Depends on what you wear most. If you wanna be super safe, go with black on black - it is gorgeous and classic and goes with everything! Not to mention you save some cash. The grey is super beautiful too though, but I feel like you have to wear pretty neutral or one-toned outfits for it to work.
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  13. grey
  14. Black!
  15. Black is beautiful -and ultra classy. OTOH grey is beautiful and ultra classy ;)