which color should I pick?

  1. [​IMG]in black
    [​IMG]in green

    I can't make my mind to decide in black or green. What do you guys thinks?:confused1:
  2. I have received this one in green today from NM. It's very big than I though. It's nice, so I want to get another one for my mom. But thinking get another in black might be a good choice. Any idea inputs?
  3. Black. The style calls for black.
  4. I like the black too!
  5. I think black
  6. thanks for you guys info. I am so glad to order another black from NM.com, but it's not longer available now.
  7. Very nice. Who makes this?
  8. Definitely black.
  9. If the green was a little lighter, I would say go for green. It looks like a nice shade of olive (which goes with everything). It looks a little too dark though, so I'd say go for the black!
  10. green!
  11. oh, tough.
    i like them both.
    i am officially no help.
    i might have to look into that blk one for me though.....
  12. It's Isabella Fiore, I ordered yesterday from NM. It shows shipped now.(2 days Fedex)

    I will let you know which color is more attractive. Thanks for your opinions:love: .