Which color should I pick? (Vernis)

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  1. I love to have a light color vernis in houston or bedford. Would you pick Marshmallow (light pink) OR Pearl (white)??? I saw someone with a Marshmallow houston yesterday & I love it soooo much! :heart: But I have heard that the Marsahmallow will discolor & fade to a beige color. What do you think? Pearle is beautiful too! :graucho: Is Pearle been discontinue yet? Thanks!
  2. I like Perle!
  3. pearl bedford would be :drool:
  4. I was in Saks over the weekend and there was this tall, slim, beautiful asian woman with a Pearl Bedford. It looked so amazing on her. All she had on were jeans, a white tank, and some espadrilles. Very chic and classy. It's amazing how a bag can really pull an outfit together.

    Okay sorry for the short story. I vote for Pearl. :smile:
  5. I like Marshmallow better.
  6. If you can find Marshmallow then I would get that!
  7. I like marshmallow. So pretty! But hearing the story about perle...makes me want a little perle something.:graucho: A perle bedford would be gorgeous too!
  8. i vote for the perle. my friend has 2 of the marshmallow bags and a wallet. all have been discolored and it's probably her fault for not taking care of them better but they are stained now. overall, i think the perle is a nice clean color to go w/ everything. hope you get one soon!
  9. What story about perle? Did I miss something??? :p
  10. Nakolulu: Now, I am scared to get Marshmallow. :wtf:
  11. I would go with Perle -- it is lovely. Perle has been discontinued -- whatever is left in the stores is it.
  12. I love the Marshmellow!
  13. I like the perle bedford and the marshmallow houston :smile:
  14. i have a Marshmallow and a Perle Bedford, and i think i prefer the Marshmallow. it's such a pretty color, and it's harder to come by than the Perle, so get that first :yes:
  15. I dunno. I've been reading accounts here about discolouration of vernis, and some think it might occur more with the earlier batches of vernis items.

    If that is true, since Perle was produced later than the Marshmellow, I guess Perle would be less inclined to discolour???