Which color should I go with?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new to Balenciaga and have been lurking this thread for some time. I am ready to take the plunge and buy myself a new Balenciaga. I am torn between the Olive Work with Silver hardware and the Giant Gold Partime in Chataigne. Which color would you go with if this was your first Balenciaga? Thanks so much for your advice:smile:
  2. Olive work with silver as i love olive.
    Now for your first bal, you might want to look at the Regular hardware too... tassels make them special.

    If you don't want the tassels, then you are better with a part time style to take advantage of the strap as the giant hardware is a lot heavier.

    GOod luck and post pics!
  3. Between the two I prefer the chataigne ggh :smile:
    I'm a softie for ggh, and since the hardware is not produced anymore makes it more special
  4. Chataigne GGH. It's more luxe.
  5. ^^ agree with seahorse and hypnosis for the luxe factor that this combination has - as long as you don't mind the weight of GGH :smile:
  6. Chataigne with GGH! Nice combo!
  7. olive
  8. Chataigne
  9. chataigne ggh
  10. Olive!!! Olive with SGH is subtle and very neutral-should go with everything!
  11. PT GGH Chataigne.
  12. Olive
  13. I like the olive!
  14. Giant Gold Partime in Chataigne sounds great. That's the one I would choose.
  15. love olive w/silver but chataigne part time w/gold will go with almost every outfit IMO (especially as a first bal :graucho:)