Which color should I go for?

  1. Hello, I am new in Purse Forum!!!
    I am about to get a new Balenciaga Giant Part Time, but I don't know what color I should get?:shame:
    I am thinking of either Electric Blue with Silver hardware or Cherve Beige Tan color with Gold hardware..
    Any advise??????
  2. I am loving the EB with GSH and am currently waiting for BALNY to get it in the day style. I would vote EB. I think it will be beautiful in a PT.
  3. Both would be beautiful, but since I like the silver hardware better, I would vote for EB (unless you need a more neutral color in your bag wardrobe). Be sure to post some pics when you get it!
  4. I vote for electric blue too! I think it looks gorgeous with the giant silver hardware! Let us know what you get! ;)
  5. I think both would be pretty. It all depends what colors you wear the most and what you already have. I think the EB is really pretty, if you're comfortable carrying a bright bag.

    Are you hard on your bags? The tan is more likely to get marks and show signs of use.
  6. The EB is a beautiful color - would be a nice pop if you tend to wear neutrals - post pics of your new bag when you get it!
  7. I also prefer silver hardware over gold, and worry about light bags being too high maintenance, so I vote the EB. It'll definitely bring a pop of color to your wardrobe!!
  8. Based on hardware I would go for the Electric Blue...I love how GSH pops!!!
  9. EB !!!

    It's very eyecatching!
  10. def EB.. but have you thought about it with GGH?? i have it and it's just STUNNING!!!
  11. definately eb! the sgh makes the bag pop! very nice!!
  12. The blue!
  13. OK! Thanks for all of you have given me advice and EB got the all votes!!!
    I will get the Blue one and post pix later.

    Thanks again!
  14. Between the 2, it has to be EB!!! It is such a gorgeous BLUE shade!!!