Which color should I go for?

  1. I need help choosing!! Im going to buy this dress, but I can't decide on the color. I really like them both :yes:
    I have reddishbrown hair, greenishbrown eyes and my skin tone is fair right now (but I'll be using the dress in the summer too, when I'll hopefully be tanned :biggrin:). My skin has yellow undertones, not pink. Thanks for the help :smile:

  2. Personally I prefer the red, but it depends how reddishbrown your hair is
  3. the blue.
  4. If it's ok with your skin go for the red. ^_^
  5. I really like the pink too, but Im just not sure, if its that great for everyday use :s
  6. I'll go with the blue too :yes:
  7. i like the red!
  8. I like the red the best
  9. I'd say the blue is a better choice for you
  10. i'd say go with blue
  11. use my shopping motto

    If in Doubt BUY both!!
  12. I like that shopping motto! lol. I prefer the red - it makes a bolder statement & I think it suits the style of the dress more.
  13. red!!!
  14. i think you'll get more use out of the blue
  15. both colors looks great, but the blue really caught my eye.