Which color should I go for next?

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Which color should I go for next?

  1. White

  2. Red

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  1. I just received my pink handbag.. Which color should I go for next? White or Red??? Please help me decide! THanks!

    As of now, here are my handbags' colors:

    1. 2 Beige / Tan
    2. Black
    3. Pink
    4. Navy Blue
    5. Silver
    6. Gold

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. Red is nicer for autumn.
  3. Yes, red is a fantastic colour. Every girl needs a red bag! Wait until next spring to go for a white one.
  4. i love red!
  5. ^^^ITA
  6. There are a million......no, make that two million great red bags out there, and one of them has your name on it, iqaganda!
  7. I'd go for red! I'm paranoid about white though...that's just asking for trouble in my world. :smile:
  8. Red!
  9. I love you Hardcore Dior bag. Judging your handbag collection, I think red would suit you best, maybe even another Chanel.
  10. I love red handbag. it goes with a lot stuff and wearable for all year around. White only looks nice in hot days.
  11. Red is hot this year! Every line is showing at least one. So I say RED.
  12. Since I just bought a gorgeous red bag myself... RED!
  13. Red, better for fall...
  14. Red!
  15. Thanks for the opinion guys! :biggrin: I will go for red this time after my purseban! :biggrin: Hehe! Thanks again! :biggrin: