which color should i get?

  1. hi ladies,

    really want to buy myself a miu miu bow satchel this christmas. :smile:

    i love the nudo (pinkish nude) color but it's sold out in my country. :cry:

    only the off white, sand (beige/ligher brown?), camel (tan/brown?) and black is available in the boutique now. there's not even a grey available!!

    which color should i buy? i wear alot of pastel colors clothings..

    are the nudo and grey bow satchels available anywhere online? oh, by the way,i'm based in singapore.

  2. Saks online has a pinkish color bow satchel, but I am not sure they ship it to Sinapore..

    And Styledrops has a grey and black bow satchel.
    grey :
    black :

    I would go to grey or beige color because you like pastel colors, but it is just me. :smile:
  3. i highly recommend their smoke (grey)
  4. camel? goes well with pastels and not as hard to maintain as off-white. by the way, tsilli, how much does the bow satchel cost in singapore?
  5. thanks myskylab, i'm going to check out the links!! :smile:
    bagpunk, i love smoke grey on miu miu too.. but my local miu miu boutique doesn't stock the color.
    nymph2106, i think it cost around 1770 SGD.
  6. I like grey color the best. But styledrops price is so much more expensive than Sak's price.
  7. Thanks tsilli! Would love one in black, but I really shouldn't buy another bag :sweatdrop: