Which color should I get?

  1. I'm looking for a Botkier mate to my Biancas and am looking at a trigger. I want something other than black, brown and metallic so I'm looking at blues. Which do you prefer? I would appreciate any advice...

    This one is called Ocean

    This one is teal:
  2. My vote is for the teal- hot for summer! (I'm looking for the perfect teal bag as well :smile:
  3. I would say that the darker teal can be worn almost year round vs. the lighter green which is strictly a Spring/Summer bag...so I vote for teal
  4. Teal! Yes a year round color.
  5. Tough choice! Both colors are nice! If I have to pick, I'll pick ocean. I have a thing for that seafoam-like color.
  6. The teal is gorgeous, but I think the ocean will go with more.
  7. Teal.
  8. Oooh I love the Ocean. Rarely see that color. I think the teal is cute but you can have that with other brands.
  9. teal!
  10. ocean
  11. teal :drool:
  12. Teal
  13. Really like the teal colour...great for year-round like someone else said... :yes:
  14. Teal. The other colour looks like a bad bridesmaid's dress.

    Also, sorry to give you more choices, but this colour (eggplant) was posted in another thread by Marie83 and I immediately fell in love. What do you think?
    It goes with virtually everything! :yes:

  15. O-o-o-h! Love that eggplant color-yummy!:yes: Where did you find that color?