Which color should I get? Legacy French Frame


Which color?

  1. punch/orange

  2. pool/green

  3. black/white

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm torn between Punch/Orange, Pool/Green, and Black/White. Help me choose! ;)
    punch orange.jpg pool green.jpg black white.jpg
  2. I am very much a fan of the blue/green combination in general, so I would so go with the pool/green!
  3. I am no help at all since I :heart: all three!
  4. Punch orange because I LOVE that one!!! :yes::tup:
  5. I voted for black/white because it is neutral and can be used with anything. :yes:
  6. I think black/white because it can be used with so much more and last throughout the season.. but if it is just a fun wallet and you have others then probably the punch!!
  7. I would go with the black and white or an all black legacy wallet. I just love the spectator look.
  8. I vote punch/orange.
  9. black/white because it can go with so much more.
  10. I voted punch/orange 'cause its pretty!:yes:
  11. I like the pool/green one....
  12. I LOVE black and white. It always looks right! :yes:
  13. Ugh! This is hard because I love them all, but the black and white is more classic and will match with more stuff.
  14. I really like the punch and orange. So bright and cheery:tup:
  15. I LOVE the black/white. I think I may have to get one now that I saw it.