Which color shd i choose?

  1. Thanks for the response I'm thinking of putting in a LV Sarah wallet which is just half n inch shorter than the bag itsel, iPhone, keys and maybe a lipstick. Is that pushing it?
  2. Hmmm. The thickness of this bag is 4cm (1.5inch)... so im not sure how thick ur wallet would be and if there will still be room for the keys... might make the bag overloadex and affect the shape? Perhaps you want to consider getting the bigger size version instead to play safe..
  3. Is the bigger size the ginny?
  4. Mine is the mini vara bag.. from the website i see there is also medium and large vara bag. Not sure the difference between vara n ginny bags...
  5. Do you have the smaller version I the larger? :smile:
  6. Mine is the small version
  7. Ah ok :smile: I'm trying to decide between these two, the gucci disco or the Louis Vuitton favorite mm (again)
  8. Hi, I'm new here..... in my opinion the dark blue leather looks better and at the same time is a classic color, :tup:
  9. Get the black one...it's a classic and will match with any and everything you have =)
  10. momoshi, I like the Oxford blue the best, too!
  11. Oxford blue! I have the small lock story in that colour and I just live how striking yet Classic the shade is!
  12. your boyfriend has great taste. Oxford blue is my favourite too! It is so beautiful...I think because it's so dark, it is almost as versatile as the black one except it's more..interesting. Now I want to get one for myself too!
  13. Haha actually he bought wrongly. He tot he bought the new iris color without checking. To him its all BLUE.