Which color shd i choose?

  1. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a mini vara bag but can't decide if i should get the classic black or the unique blue "new iris" (which i think is this season's color). Any suggestions?
    uploadfromtaptalk1426000410740.jpeg uploadfromtaptalk1426000422835.jpeg
  2. I like the blue one. :smile:
  3. +1 😀 you can get the black one anytime....
  4. Haha thanks for voting!
  5. The blue one definitely!

  6. I always think like this too. Then I get the crazy color and then I end up with 5,000 bags. lol... right now, I'm finding myself in a place of craving simplicity and wishing I had a few simple bags vs a zillion oddball bags.

    Only you can say if you need a crazy color of if you need black. Not that the blue vara you are showing is a crazy color, but it is a little less versatile than black.
  7. The blue's a little less versatile but it has much more potential for really nice looks imo
    My friend still loves her New Iris Sofia and almost uses it everyday lol
  8. I love this season's blue iris. I know that black is classic but, given the opportunity to have a colored bag, the blue iris is a beautiful shade which I don't think comes off a transient - I think it can go well with both neutrals and other colors similar to how one would wear blue jeans :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments! I decided on new iris as i thought that i would usually wear black more often to dinners..

    Alas! My bf bought another color for me... oxford blue... last season's color i think... a very dark navy blue...
  10. Is that the blue iris? I thought the blue Iris is the almost baby blue one?
    The one showed in picture should be their classic navy blue color which is not seasonal.
  11. I think the baby blue is called fleur blu or sth...

    This is oxford blue... the dark navy one my bf gotten... almost like black
  12. Actually, i like this colour the best! Makes the bag look even more elegant and chic.
  13. Agree with Silkpearl, this darker blue is more elegant and versatile :smile:
  14. I'm thinking of buying the black one is Devine I think u should go go that.
    Quick question, have I seen this bag in person do you know how much it can hold?
  15. I think its big enough to hold my note 4 and a slim wallet n some lipsticks perhaps? Haven used it yet but i know my hp can fit for sure and i find it a comfortable size to bring for dinner. Not too small n not too big.