Which color scarf?

  1. Nova Check

    Classic Check
  2. I like novacheck. It's more "fresh"
  3. Novacheck
  4. Another vote for Nova!
  5. I agree :yes:
  6. Nova for me too!
  7. Novacheck all the way!
  8. Novaaaaaaa
  9. novacheck! i've seen too many classic checks goin around
  10. Nova! the classic looks older.
  11. I think the Nova Check is more feminine. The Classic Check is more (male) college professor, nothing wrong with that, I just think they're slightly better for the different sexes, respectively.

    Maybe I just personally like the Nova slightly better, it has more depth!
  12. They look the same to me except one is pale and one is darker. I just ordered one and I have no idea whether it is nova check or classic . They just say color tan.
  13. Nova check!:yes:
  14. I have and love nova check! :smile:

  15. You can't go wrong with ANY Burberry scarf! Well, except for maybe the Happy (was that the name?) with the fringe all around it. That one might go "out"...but their regular scarves are all timeless and beautiful! I like both colors, so it would depend on your coloring, what kind of clothes you wear, etc. But I am going to be different and vote "classic."