Which color Samorga matches Aurore?

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  1. Hi, guys. I just bought a pre-loved Empreinte Speedy 25 in Aurore. It's beautiful but I don't like the folding and slouching of the leather. I am thinking about buying a Samorga organizer to help with this and would like the closest match to the interior. Anyone have a Samorga in their Aurore who can advise me? TIA!
  2. You can email them that's what I did with my moms azur nf perfect match!
  3. Thanks Jyi777. I'll e-mail them when they are back online. Seems they are closed for a while to catch up on orders.
  4. Anyone with an Aurore colored bag and a Samorga organizer that could post some pics? I'd really appreciate it! 😃