Which color Roxbury should I get?

  1. I am completely torn. I love the amarante and the Perle and then yesterday I saw it in the Pomme and now I don't know which color. :confused1: I can of course, only buy one. What say all you?
  2. Amarante:

    Less hassle with discolouration, versatile colour, but nasty fingermarks


    Few discolouration prolems, but no so versatile colour


    High risk of discolouration problems, but very versatile colour

    If you think the pomme colour is ok, I'd go with that. If not I think amarante is a second best choice.
  3. I'd go with amarante.. it's gorgeous! :drool:
  4. i think all of them are beautiful.. but pomme is a bit sharp for me.. so i would go for either perle (easy to match with everything) or amarante (wont get dirty so easily)
  5. I love pomme but I can only do wallet or accessories, I don't think I would buy a big bag in pomme.

    amarente would be nice
  6. I think amarante is the most versatile and gorgeous. That would be my choice.
  7. I vote for pomme .. such a striking colour:heart:
  8. I would go with pomme.
  9. I have and love the POMME it is classy and fun..the colour is gorgeous imo..
  10. I'd get it in POMME, it is such a beautiful color that really "pops".
  11. Another vote for Pomme!
    Perle is also gorgeous, but Pomme is so striking and beautiful.
  12. Ok I'm going to be difficult and say Framboise I know it's not on your list but you should be able to find still it's only a recent discontinued colour.
  13. Pomme is stunning and doesn't show up fingerprints quite as bad as amarante but amarante is my preferred colour.

    I just have to wipe it down more than the pomme.
  14. I am very partial to the pomme color. Red is a versatile color (as long as you don't do a red on red or red on orangey tone you're fine)
  15. I have it in amarante and no problem with fingerprints whatsoever. That would be my first choice. It goes with everything, especially the gorgeous fall colors in clothing this season.
    I agree with the others that Pomme can be hard to wear for some people - so 2nd choice - and pearl will have problems with discoloration and color transfer - so that's my 3rd.