Which color reissue??

  1. Photos courtesy of our own Accessorize*me and Chloe_concord- thank you girls. :flowers:

    I *need* one of these all of a sudden. :yes: Bordeaux or Dark gold/bronze and why? Thank you!
    Reissue%20Itself%20TPF.jpg chanel_reissue1.JPG
  2. We have the same taste... I can't decide which of the 2 that I want. I know that I want 227, but in burdeaux or dk bronze? Have you seen both colors in person?
  3. If I had to choose between those two I'd pick bronze. It's the most beautiful color in person.
  4. I ADORE the bronze!! I want a bronze bag so bad so it pains me to say that I think the bordeaux has more staying power.
  5. :shrugs: Tough decision....if you are looking for a bag to have for many years, the bordeaux. The bronze is so gorgeous though. Now you know why I have way too many bags. I can never decide between them. I end up buying two colors of a style....
  6. dark gold!!! but the other one is also very nice - do you like darker bags? or more light/metallic?
  7. Quick question, does the bronze have any pink undertone to it? it looks kind of pinkish on my screen.
  8. I think the bordeaux will be a bit more versatile. But but are gorgeous -- you can't go wrong with either.
  9. is the bordeaux brownish or reddish? it looks brownish on the screen.

    also has anyone seen a 227 in paris? i called up and they didnt have any in st. honore, but just wondering if anyone has spotted one.
  10. I prefer the bordeaux. It's more timeless.
  11. The bronze color is TDF. My only concern is how long colored metallics will be in? I saw the bronze color yesterday (different bag) and I can't get it out of my mind. I'm worried that metallics won't have much staying power for the money. If someone thinks differently, please assure me. I might have to go get this color!
  12. I think you will get more use from the Bordeaux. Plus something about that color I really like, I think it's the richness.
  13. Both are beautiful but bordeaux is just gorgeous in person, such a deep, rich burgandy.
  14. Hey Koukanamiya, it doesn't have any pink undertone and isn't so metallic IRL if not for the Camera Flash. :P

    I love the Bronze! So versatile!:love:
  15. I vote for the metallic. It's different and it really stands out. The metallics come in handy for Fall as well as the Holiday season. Even if it goes out of style, it'll come back again in a few years. Last but not least, regardless of trend I think it's more important to get what you love more. Make your own trend!:flowers: