Which color red for a handbag?

  1. Okay ladies, I would like your opinion again. I just purchased a red MK handbag (patent leather) and it came in two types of reds. One was a bright true red and the other was a darker burgundy. I kept going back and forth between both because they are both pretty, but decided on the deeper red/burgundy because I think it would go with a lot more in my wardrobe.

    For patent leather and a medium size handbag, which red do you like better? Who knows maybe later if I see the other red on sale again, I'll pick that one up too. LOL
  2. No opinion without seeing both but sounds like you made a good decision.
  3. I agree, the deeper color will be more useful. I love red but have noticed the ones I keep are not orangey or light but bluish and deeper toned.
  5. I love burgundy! I don't think you can go wrong. And I think you're absolutely right...it'll go with more!
  6. i think i have to see the pic of both colours to comment :p
  7. Thanks ladies,

    The pictures of the handbag are on eBay under Michael Kors Chestertown, he made this handbag in two reds, one is a bright cherry red and the other is a burgundy. I think there's pictures of both on the site in case you'd like to see.

    I'll let you know what I think when it arrives next week.....
  8. I prefer deeper reds. Bright reds(in my opinion) are harder to make work, though it can be done.
  9. Good choice. I would have chosen the burgundy myself for the same reason you metioned - I think it would be most versatile in my wardrobe.
  10. I would go with the deeper red.
  11. Same here! I have two great red bags, but I've found that I gravitate towards the one that has blue undertones versus the one that is more of a burnt red-orange. They are both great bags - neither is overly bright - but the bluish-purplish red goes with almost everything! :tup: I think you'll get more use from the burgandy bag - but they both sound great.
  12. I think the burgundy is more versatile, but if you want a bag that really pops, go for the true red. The red would be more used in the spring/summer than the burgundy though.
  13. deeper red
    i think the other red would be easy to get really tired of
    you'll never get tired of the burgundy though it's a lot more versatile
  14. I bought the MK large Chestertown in scarlett:

    and returned it last week. I liked the color, but the bag squeaked!
    The leather was stiff and tight around the handles, so it made grinding noises when I walked.

    I have a Marc by MJacobs black patent Kingpin tote that is soft and doesn't squeak, so I was not comfortable keeping this bag that cost over $200.