Which color Ramona, Help!

  1. Ok, so I know that I want a Black Ramona Bag since is so classic and versitile. The thing is that I can't decide if I want the Slick Black or the patent. anyone have either of these bag, please weigh in. i haven't seen either in person. I don't know which one is nicer. Was originally going to purchase the red slick Ramona but decided on a Valentino red patent Histoire bag. In desperate need of help.[​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I have the Black Patent Ramona and I love it. I actually think it had more style than the Black Calf Ramona, but that is just my twisted opinion.

    Which one are you more drawn to? Also, the other factor is the Black Patent was last year and I think you may have difficulty finding it brand new:search:
  3. I know you're thinking about the Slick versus the Patent, but this might help too.

    This talks about the Slick versus the Soft Calkskin Leather:
    Texture – slick is much shinier than soft (matt). Soft is more supple than slick.
    Durability – both durable, but soft calf maybe little more apparent when scratched
    Timing introduced – slick was just introduced from Autumn/Winter (June 07), soft was introduced in Spring/Summer (January 06) as our classic Ramona
    Grains can be seen more apparent in soft than slick.

    Then you compare it to Patent, which is so easy to maintain. And this is coming from a maintenance freak, I have all sorts of leather cleaners and moisturizers etc.. So yes, aside from the make, you might want to think about your other priorities such as durability, maintenance, shine (?). And as Robyn mentioned, when it came out. Yes, those other factors. I have too complex of a mind in decision making - it drives the hubby.. patient. lol! :shame:
  4. Wait, Abilicious, did you ALREADY get the Ramona??? Holy smokes, you did your research quick!! I am impressed :tup:.
  5. not just yet. :graucho: But.. as soon as I get my hands on my Mahala, next target is the Ramona. And it should be arriving anytime Today!! :yahoo::nuts: Yep, I did my homework.

    Bonnie, how was ordering from JC.com? I might end up getting my Ramona from there.
    What are their shipping options, if any? I hope they have rush delivery.
  6. Didn't order from JC.com. Had it shipped from Jimmy Choo Chicago from the ever loyal SA Casey with help from Robyn, the official JC enabler.
  7. ooh, okay. Yup, Robyn gave me her blessing to call Casey too. Maybe I'll just do that too! :okay: