which color quilted bowler?

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  1. Hi! I may be completely biased, but I ADORE the blue. OK, I am biased. I love the blue because I have the exact same bag. The BIN price is awesome, too! What a great find!
  2. The patent blue is tdf imo :smile:
  3. Midnight blue! go for it! :heart:
  4. Oh my gosh, that blue is stunning!! I would take that one in a heartbeat!
  5. I vote for the Midnight Blue one! The color is gorgeous!! :drool:
  6. Blue without a doubt! I have this bag in two colors and get way more compliments on the blue. Also,didn't you just get a Chestnut Hudson? The blue would be a great addition!
    Ursula bowlers.jpg
  7. what a great memory you have! hah yeah i just got the chestnut hudson last month. ive got my mind settled on the midnight blue, i just wanted to hear everyones opinions first :smile:
  8. I agree with the gals, the blue is TDF. Those patent bowlers are classic!
  9. so i did the "buy it now" on the midnight bowler! so excited, cant wait to receive her! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats!! I hope you post pics when she arrives!
  11. YAY! Another ursula midnight blue large bowler sister! Welcome to the club! =)
  12. that's a beautiful bag! congratulations. please post pictures when you get it.

    this reminds me of how much i desperately need a blue bag. :hrmm:
  13. thanks ladies! i will absolutely post pictures as soon as she comes. i am so excited! seriously though, after this, i MUST go on a ban until xmas!
  14. Congrats!! she is soo gorgeous, glad that you've got her! :heart::flowers: