Which color, pink or black

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  1. Hey guys,
    For my 25th Birthday I'm going to purchase a balenciaga classic city, but now I can't choose between two colors.

    black or pink
    Thank you!!

    source pictures Balenciaga.com

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  2. I would say black, because I worry about color transfer too much on the lighter bags! Happy early birthday!
  3. I vote pink because I love Balenciagas colors. You can get a black bag from anywhere but the hues you can get from Balenciaga are harder to find anywhere else.
  4. Thats a tough one.....im no help, black is classic, but pink is a great color for spring...
  5. I would get the pink if:

    1. It wasn't my first Bal bag.
    2. Or if I knew I'd only use it occasionally.

    Otherwise, Black is just more practical.
  6. I vote for black. You can wear black with pretty much anything, whereas the pink is a little tougher to work with. I also say that because I am not particularly careful with bags and I would worry about the pink being so light I may get it dirty or end up with color transfer.

    Whichever one you choose, happy birthday!

  7. PINK!!! soooooo beautiful! Fresh and spring like:smile:
  8. I've been having the same problem! I really love the light blue, but am extremely concerned with color transfer. I have a lagon velo, and even that got some transfer. So, I'm going to say the black!
  9. Black :Partyhat:
  10. black
  11. 100% Pink!!!
  12. This ^.
    Unless pink is calling you so strongly you can't resist, I would go for black (or any dark color) as a first B Bag. GL!
  13. Black. :smile: I'm one to talk though, as I still do not own a black Bal... but a lot of my other bags (non-Bal) are black, and I go Bal for the colors. Given your two options though, the pink is super light, and I would worry about color transfer.

    Either one would make a great bag. Good luck, and advanced happy birthday!
  14. Thank you guys for all the early birthday wishes:smile:

    I'm gonna go for black color, but I will also see the pink one in person, so I may change my mind hahaha
  15. *~*I vote for Black, and Happy Birthday!!*~*