which color, pink or black?

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  1. #1 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    hello everyone!
    i've always been wanting to have a bbag since like 2004
    but i never had a chance to buy one.
    i'm also a fan of marc jacobs so..........
    i decided to turn back to bbags:heart:

    well now here's a dilemma.
    i AM going to get a city but which color?
    bubblegum pink or black?
    black is very simple and i could match with any clothes.
    but i think i need something bright
    so i'm thinking of pink which is my fav color:biggrin:
    it's bright and cute!
    but, hmm.. i'm afraid i might get tired of the color cuz it's not quite a common color:P but i really like pink!

    so, please help me!!
    which color would YOU get if you were in my situation??
  2. I am a HUGE fan of Pink & Bubblegum 08 City was my first bag. It was a GORGEOUS POP of Pink & my City has silky soft leather. BUT it is not an everyday bag. In fact, I get so paranoid everytime I carry it. So much so, it was left sitting in my wardrobe. After half a year or so, I sold it off. I found my POP of colours in other mid-toned shades. I still do not own a Black Bbag today. If you want your bag to be pristinely clean at all times & it hurts to have darkened handles & edges, then go for other darker shade bags.
  3. I'd go for the Pink if I were looking for a pop of colour! I have a BG Pink Matelasse and love it very much!
  4. Well,i love to say Pink bublegum as well..Black color you could buy anytime.Good luck!!
  5. black, so you can wear it more often
    or pink if you don't mind wearing it less since it's harder to match
  6. Look in your closet. If what you like to wear will work with pink (even stretching...) then go for the pink. It sounds like you will not be happy until you have it. :cloud9:

    You can always get a black one later.:yes:
  7. I would get the pink... it's hard to find good shade of pink in bags... Black bags are always there...
  8. Personally I love pink very much too, I love the bubblegum city but IMO for a first bbag I would go for a darker colour (if you are looking for an everyday bag which is also good for all year round) :balloon:
    I would also consider about the weather in where I live cuz if its always raining or snowing in the winter than i would definitely go for the black city.

    Well, as other tpers said, you could always get a black city any time.
    But if I were you i'd get the bubblegum city (I wouldnt be satisfied until I got what I really wanted :P)
  9. I'd go for pink. Probably you already have lots of black bags, so buy something different, go for your bright color... go for pink. Good luck!!
  10. Personally, I would choose the black. If I was going for a pink I would go for a more "pop" shade of pink. But, that's just me :yes:
  11. Pink for me!
  12. Are you a gal that looks fabulous in her clothes wearing the color Pink?? Because IMHO not everybody does (I know I don't?). If so? There would be no hesitation (for me) buying that color seque in a purse.

    Good luck!
  13. If you already have a great black bag go for the pink (maybe even Amethyst?) You can always get a black balenciaga.
  14. I would go for Amethyste instead of Bubblegum. A little more versatile IMO, and you can always get black later.
  15. I would go for black if I were looking for an everyday bag :smile: