Which color Perforated?


Hermes Only
Jan 18, 2006
I'm going to get a perforated speedy....I was totally not a fan, but I went to LV today to drop of my white le fabuleux key tag thingine for heat stamping and I saw all 3 of the colors in the speedy style. It was super way way cute!!! I was shocked how much better this bag looks in person whoa! Please check it out if your near by an LV because you don't want to miss out and have to buy one on ebay after the fact, **remember the cheries**

So I'm debating between pink and green (leaning more towards green)? I think green becasue the color is bright yet subtle. Also pink would be a great color for an all over bag, where this color green would not. Please let me know what you think!!
thats why I don't want to see one in person because then I'll want one! I'm biased to orange however the pink would be my second choice. I wish instead of the green they would have done teal.
I ordered the green speedy from eluxury on Saturday. I believe it's the best color and matches the canvas perfectly. Orange would be my second choice. I can't wait to receive it, I literally hyperventilate whenever I think about that bag. :shame:
jewlzz said:
Although green is my favorite color, I would have to go with pink because it looks HOT. How much is it btw, they don't have it on eluxury.com anymore.

It's selling for $1,200. Sometimes they show up on eluxury and disappear in minutes. Good luck grabbing one.

(I finally got mine after refreshing my elux page non-stop, it seemed, for 3 days :wacko: )