Which color paddy

  1. I'm stumped.. I can't decide which color paddy to get..

    I already contacted the seller since the auction ended and she said she'd sell it to me for 1100 shipping included. which is a good deal. but the color is last season and it has gold hardware. which I don't like
    Then there is the mousse from LVR. I love the silver hardware and I've seen one IRL and it's gorgeous, so I need help.. Please

    Who here has a red paddy and how do you like it??

  2. If you wear more silver or platinum jewelry, I'd say go with the mousse. The color is TDF.
  3. I have a paddy that Im expecting payment on anyday. Not getting rid of if because I didnt like it though. I think they are wonderful bags. Mine is the non metallic anthracite. I happen to love the red Chloe, but not too sure if it would be versitile enough color wise. The mousse is beautiful, and would probably go with more depending on your wardrobe.
  4. yeah thats all I wear is silver.. thanks for the tip Sanguar:biggrin:
  5. Well both will POP against black or white clothing. Thanks ranskimmie
  6. You're welcome. All I wear is silver and platinum, so the logical choice for me would be the mousse as well. It will go with brown or black clothing, so that's another plus!!
  7. btw I was at a pet store and held a baby Shih tzu it looked just like yours.. your avatar just reminded of it.. SOoooooo cute. I want one bad.
  8. He's a great dog!! So cuddly.
  9. I love my Shih Tzu (and my Bichon)! Sanguar, yours is adorable.

    I say get the MOUSSE! I love the mousse!
  10. hahaah you and your mousse ET. I'm leaning more towards the mousse. Did your credit card charge you extra for a overseas transaction BTW? thanks
  11. another vote for the mousse. It matches with alot. I'm not fond of the gold hardware either and I dont think I could love the bag as much if it had it.
  12. They charged me about $10 or $12...something like that. Maybe less, I can't remember. But it was not a lot. Customs was 10% + $25.
  13. oh.. not bad.. thanks..
  14. does anyone know 937.50 euro = how much USD thanks
  15. Mousse is more special color. I vote for it.:biggrin: