Which color on trench coat?

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  1. #1 Jun 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
    I always wear blue jeans, brown shoes and brown briefcase. Which color on trench coat is best?
    Navy, Stone, or Honey ?
  2. In biased towards honey. Classic color can go with anything.
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  3. I have honey & navy trench coats, I think both look really good with blue jeans. If to choose one, honey gets my vote.
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  4. Any of the three would work well but I'm partial to honey. Good luck
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  5. Another vote for Honey. I have one in Honey and it goes with brown shoes and blue jeans perfectly.
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  6. Honey!
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  7. I love Stone color
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  8. I have a very light skin tone, so I'm not sure if Honey suits me ..
  9. Honey..
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  10. Honey and Stone! Love those colors. If I buy a trenchcoat, I know I will have a hard time choosing Honey and Stone. That going to be the hardest decision of my life. :lol:
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  11. Honey
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  12. Stone. Go for stone if your light skinned. I'm pale too and when I tried both on the honey looked awful. The stone is actually the classic "trench" colour where as honey is a more modern shade for fair skinned people / tanned models hence it's used in their campaigns. Also I have a black trench and you can never go wrong with black. :smile:
  13. I tried all yesterday, and I think it will be either Stone or Navy. Honey is out of the question, as I looked even more pale. The SA told me the honey color is a very difficult color for the Scandinavian market, due to our light skin tone. I tried on all lenghts, and surprisingly I liked the short model best. It wasn't as short as it looked on the Burberry website. I liked the shape of the Sandringham and Chelsea.
  14. Screenshot_2016-06-28-21-30-18-1.png Screenshot_2016-06-28-21-29-44-1.png

    I like these two. The check on the navy gives a very nice contrast.
  15. Some more opinions? The SA thought the stone colored looked great on me, but I'm worried it's not so durable as the navy. It will get dirty quite quick.