which color of EPI SPEEDY you like the most? Also 25 or 30?

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  1. Really curious what you guys think...

    I like red the most! I like 30 better than 25!:heart:
  2. I love the red as well. I understand that Epi Speedi 30 tends to be very, very heavy.

    I would go with the smaller size.
  3. I could stand heavy bag...and I love big bag!
    MJ stam is also very heavy...
  4. i wish they would make another green.
    john posted a pic of a girl with a green speedy a while back and i loved it, i havent been able to track one down though seeing as it was made so long ago. i liked the blues too.
  5. i like mandarin
  6. 25 better then the 30 since the epi speedy seems to be a little bigger then the mono.damier ones.

    as for color mandarin or red. The white /ivory is working on me :biggrin:
  7. I would LOVE to have a red epi speedy 30!!
  8. white or red...i'd do the red. just so bold and sassy!
  9. oops forgot to add..the red is such a "pick me up" colour! in that it just picks up and lifts your day :smile:
  10. oooh I love red too!! and I had a 30, but sold it so I can get a 25. the 30 was just too big for me. can't decide on a color though ... I go back and forth
  11. I have the 25 and it is the perfect size in Epi...pretty much the equivalent of the 30 in the canvas.
    I have the 'new' red and love it....but am looking forward to Purple!
    One day I would love to collect a bunch of the old speedy colors....mandarin, blue, black, yellow, green...a whole rainbow!

    I wish they'd come out with a turqoise/aqua!
  12. I would love a red one in a 25!

    I can't wait for the purple epi....So exited!!!!
  13. Mandarin and red :smile: Myrtille is also nice!
  14. twiggers- ita, aqua would be soooooooo nice.
  15. I'm not a big speedy type of girl (i rarely use mine..) but I agree that a turquoise one would be beautiful....

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