which color of edith goes with black wardrobe?

  1. i have to make the choice on the color to go with my black wardrobe. in working time and daily life!

    dark oak?

    what`s your opinion?
  2. They'd all go with black, tbh.:yes:

    But for a colour that really 'pops' i'd go for whiskey.

    For an all round safe colour, that will go with everything, i'd go with either tan or chocolate.:yes:
  3. hmmm i'd say the white creamy color :yes:
    but perhaps thats hard to take of for every day use.
    so whiskey is my vote :nuts:

  4. ITA. :yes:
  5. Muscade, definitely. Because it has contrast black stitching. It's also known as nutmeg. The leather colour is a dark vintage tan.

  6. I agree. Also, I think Jade green would be great with black.
  7. I have the chocolate - and I wear an awful lot of black. It looks fantastic!
  8. I also think something wild like the jade green or a color in the red family would look amazing with a mostly or all black wardrobe. But if that isn't realistic for you, then I think nutmeg or whiskey would be good too.
  9. here is a pic of the color i was talking about :yes:

  10. I think all these colours look great with black! If you want a neutral contrast go for chocolate, if you want it to pop out nicely choose whiskey...or white or muscade, you cant go wrong :p

    I must add that some weeks ago I saw someone carrying black edith (with white stitching) with all black outfit.....Me and my BF were both stunned, she carried the black edith extremely well! :supacool:
  11. My wardrobe centers around dark colors, especially black, and I have both the Muscade (with black stitching) and the jade medium Edith. I was sure that I would prefer the Jade bag, but it's actually the Muscade that I ended up liking better. I also get far more complements with the Muscade. Either bag would be a great choice for a dark wardrobe!
  12. many thanks gals.
    it is the truth that all the colors go perfectly with black... that`s the big problem, seems i should have them all...:drool:

    i also tried the creamy in the boutique, looked also great...

    and yesterday my husband proposed to buy one for me, but i would like to wait for the sales... maybe i can get two with the same expense? that will be perfect...

    btw, what size is the popular one?
    i am inclined to the medium, but i also want to make it clear of 'message' or 'oversized'?
  13. If you don't want black then chamois is a great colour to go with black & everything else I like the medium classic Edith, large is way too big!
  14. I love WHISKEY with black... Have an Edith whiskey, looks great with black clothes because the color starts shining - great eyecatcher....!
  15. I agree with the vote for Jade green. Although the lighter colors will pop against the black, the potential for staining may be higher than if you wore the Jade. I'll try and attach a photo of mine to give you a reference.

    I have more but the sizes are too big to fit.