Which color of Antigona to keep?

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  1. pale pink or red? The pale pink is a neutral color with a touch of pink in there. However, it is kinda dull and boring, but it is a neutral color and I think it goes well with everything. If it is a brighter bubble gum pink... then I won’t like it. OR should I go with the red which is a brighter and bold color. I own mostly dark clothings so I need to be careful of color transfer. I don’t own a neutral bag or a bright red bag. Which one should I pick and what color do you like? Thanks

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  2. I love the red and I'd keep the red. It looks cool and confident. The barely there neutral pink isn't my style at all though so I'm already biased. Neutral pink looks striking against black and dark grey etc but possible colour transfer... so back to red which I think is a particularly nice strong shade of red and it suits the Antigona.
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  3. Red! I need a red bag as well.
  4. Sounds like red would work better for you - it would be easier for you to maintain and avoid colour transfer with your clothes, and seem to like the pop of colour of the red Antigona whilst you seem to think that the pink is a little dull.
  5. I have the nude and I love it!
  6. I love the red! I wear a lot of dark clothes and mostly black, and red is my go-to pop of color. Feel like the nude would look nicest with some creams, pale pinks, pale blues, etc.
  7. They are both beautiful but I would recommend you pick the red bag.
  8. Another vote for the red! It seems to be a beautiful shade of red. I actually had the nude and returned for a blue.
  9. Red, definitely. You can never go wrong with a classy and classic red bag.
  10. love both, but nude is more high maintenance, so you'll need a twilly around the handles and maybe pre-treat or be careful with your denim and other color transfer candidate apparel. if that's not a factor, I'd almost say get both, esp if you got it on sale for 40% or more.
  11. The red stands out more!
    I have one in grey smooth and no colour transfer so far (maybe its not the case for grained though).
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