Which color of Alhambra sunglasses??!

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Which color of Alhambras?

  1. Black

  2. Brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I want to get the Alhambras but have never seen any of the colors in real life, and want to know if black or brown is better??

    Grey is out of the question, and I have only seen John's black sunnies--there exists brown but I can't find it on Vuitton.com!

    I'm in a bind!! This wouldn't be so hard if I could have seen at least a picture online of the brown, or even see in real life.. So if any of you have pictures of the brown, please post!! Or if any of you have seen both, please compare for me!

    TIA! I'm itching to buy these SOON. I just pray they aren't too massive on my small face.
  2. I have seen both IRL, but it really depends on your skin and hair coloring. If you don't mind me asking what color hair do you have and is your skin tone more fair or darker?
  3. A picture of the grey Alhambras for reference...

    Attached Files:

  4. I'm Asian and my skin is a very light yellow-tone and my hair is natural black (no dye for me).

    What type of browns do the brown pair have?
  5. Actually with a natural black hair color you really could go with either color, the black would match your hair more but stand out more on your skin. Where the brown would blend well with your facial features and provide a nice contrast to your hair color. I think you would look great in either, sorry if that doesn't help, but honestly I think you could wear both. If your hair was dyed black I would suggest the black, but since that is not the case the choice is yours! Be sure to post pics when you decide!
  6. Thanks to irishpandabear & john's help, I'm going to go with brown! I'd still like to hear what others think until then.. Actually I thought John's were black so...
  7. I like the brown.
  8. My Alhambras are brown I think. If I would have known black existed, I would have waited to get that color!!! :crybaby:

    Since I just got my new digicam, I'll be sure to take detailed pics of the sunnies. ;) I would take some now, but my sis set the alarm just a little while ago and I don't want to wake her. :Push:
  9. Either color would be OK with your skin and hair color.
  10. Awww it's too bad you didn't know about the black. However, your brown ones already look amazing on you and I can't really see another color on you yet!

    Thanks so much!! I'll be anxiously awaiting the pics.

    I'm starting to think black might be too "strong" for me :idea: And now my BF saw the grey and is telling me to get them, although I think look horrible in greyish eyeliners or eyeshadows, so grey sunglasses? Probably not, haha.
  11. black
  12. Here are those pics I promised ya:





    And a PF first... my first public pic of me without gel in my hair. :Push:

  13. Wahhh I love them! Thank you!

    It's strange, but no matter what I keep thinking those are black frames. I guess the brown is really dark. So would that mean the black ones would have black gradient lenses?
  14. I would go with the Brown -- I like the dark color of John 5's!
  15. You're welcome!!! :tup::tup::tup:

    I am taking that the black Alhambras would have black frames/arms, along with black gradient lenses. I want a pair in black now!! :crybaby:

    So.... which color are you getting after all? :graucho::nuts: