Which color...need help

  1. I just sold 2 purses I don't use anymore to buy a new MBMJ and I need help on the color. I fell in love with the poppy color but I also think black is the color to last me forever. I could use the black all year round but I own a mulit pocket in black and maybe I should take a chance on the poppy....help please. I also have a problem with finding the poppy color...is it the color of choice?

  2. since you already own a black mp and the style is so similar to the faridah, i think you should buy it in poppy. it's a great color and who can object to a little color in their collection. i know it's harder to find online now, but i'm pretty sure the department stores still stock it and in know the mbmj boutiques still carry it, so if you call around, you should be able to find it.
  3. :yes: I say poppy too!
  4. I say Poppy! I think Nordstroms has it on its website the last time I check. :yes:
  5. I would say Poppy!
  6. My vote is for the Poppy. It is a great color!
  7. I think the Poppy is a neutral red. Go for it, you know something different.
  8. Poppy!
  9. poppy. it's fun
  10. Go for the poppy!
  11. Since you already have a black MJ, I would go with the poppy - it's such a beautiful color!
  12. I think I really want the poppy I was trying to tell myself it was stupid to buy a purse that next year I might be tired of the color. I do love how pretty it looks in poppy.
  13. Okay I did it...Nordies had to call everywhere but they found me one in the poppy and it should be here soon. I'm so excited.
  14. Yay! :woohoo: Can't wait to see pics when it arrives. I shall live vicariously through you. :p
  15. :wlae::wlae: Woo Hoo!!!! Post pics as soon as you get her!!