Which color Michael Kors should I buy?

  1. Recently, I kept changing my mind on which Michael Kors handbag to purchase, the Astor satchel or the Chestertown. I think I" m going to return the Astor, because it's too red with the studs. I think many of the posters here have it either black or luggage which would be pretty on that bag.

    But, I do like the Chestertown in red because it's more of a burgundy color and it's the medium size instead of the large for everyday wear. Thoughts, comments???

    Anyway, I recently saw the Chestertown in the Large or overnighter in the luggage color and the black. Does anyone have it and do you like it? Which color do you think is better for weekend wear and as a carry on. Thanks.
  2. I like Astor in luggage color.
  3. Me too.
  4. Can you post pics?