which color mahina for summer? white or taupe??

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  1. i love the XL mahina and want one for the summer... should i get white or taupe???
  2. I would go for the taupe, the color is beautiful and it goes with everything!!!
  3. i've always though white was TDF
  4. White!!!
  5. taupe
  6. taupe of course! White is pretty but seem a bit boring to me. ( no offense to anyone else!)
  7. I voted Taupe. Not a fan of the stark white Mahina.
  8. Taupe
  9. i actually think taupe is the more classic one.
  10. Taupe of course! It'll last the summer and will be great for winter, too...
  11. taupe -- it's my favorite Mahina color.
  12. I would get taupe - a nice neutral colour that will go with anything.
  13. I like the taupe color better than the white. I think the white is too "white". :shrugs:
  14. I thought for sure I would fall in love with the white mahina, but i didn't. It seems to white, like another poster mentioned. I would go for the Taupe, its' gorgeous!
  15. Go for the taupe! It's TDF! Plus, the taupe color doesn't make it a strictly summer bag!
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