Which color looks the most like the 03 Blue ?

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    Hi Girls,

    I would love to find a F/W 03 Blue Balenciaga bag (a weekender for example), but it's old and very rare. For those of you who own a 03 blue bag and know everything about all the other seasons, do you know which other color is the closest to the F/W 03 Blue ?
    Thanks a lot !! :biggrin:
  2. I posted pictures below to help (they are from the colors by seasons topic). It's hard for me even if I browse all the blues because I didn't see them in real life
    Thanks a lot :smile:

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  3. I don't have 03 Blue, but I don't think any colors Balenciaga has made since then resemble that color. It's maybe a darker 06 Cornflower?

    Here's an up-close picture from RealDealCollection:

  4. Here's a picture of 06 Cornflower from RealDealCollection:

  5. I hope Corey doesn't mind.. Her site is such a good reference...

    I have always thought that 05 Navy was similar to 03 Bluejean

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    Thank you for the compliments and I don't mind at all. I don't delete the sold items b/c it's such a helpful reference for everyone, including me ;o)

    I agree the '06 Cornflower & '05 Navy gets some of the blue-jean color there, but those chevre leather bags have brass hardware and the silver-tone Pewter Hardware from F/W '03 really takes the soft medium blue to another level, IMO.

    In that way, there's no real equal if you have your heart on a F/W '03 Blue bag, but you can maybe satisfy the craving with one of those close blue jean bags or a Silver Giant bag in F/W '07 Ocean Blue which will give you the silver tones on the medium blue leather.

    I have some pics of these colored bags on me here in the Santa Fe sunshine...which at 7000ft is very strong, consider this the "light" look ;o)

    F/W '03 Blue City, in the shade...so not too bright:

    S/S '06 Cornflower First, in the sun:

    F/W '07 Ocean Blue Silver Giant Besace, also in the sun:

    Good luck finding your dream bag!!

    I can say from many years experience looking for "old bags" that every crazy rare bag eventually comes up for sale somewhere. Be careful for fakes and use the Authenticate This thread when you aren't sure of the source.
  7. Very informative thread with great pictures!
  8. Thank you so much !! This is very interesting to see all these great pictures, it helps me a lot (as your website does ) :smile:
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    Thank you Corey! That Ocean Besace is great on you. Perfect proportion for your frame. Ocean is one of those colors that seems to change from sun to shade too.

    I'm enjoying this thread too. It's amazing though Bal shades photograph so unreliably.

    My favorite crazy making color is Khaki. It is absolutely three different colors depending on the light.

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  10. Ocean is gorgeous! Totally forgot about that color, thank you for the pictures Corey! Don't think it's much easier to find though -- owners are definitely holding on to that one!

    ^ Conni, I love your Khahi WE!
  11. ^^^
    Thanks Jira!

    It is loved and lost! Had to let it go a few months ago... trying not to hunt for another one... :crybaby: