Which color leather (or canvas) do you wish LV would make?

  1. OK, so I am currently in the market for a new handbag. I'm nearly certain it will be an epi alma (my 1st LV), most likely in black. I loved the mandarin color & I find myself wishing for a beautiful green color, much like Hermes' chartreuese or vert anis. What color(s) would you like to see?

  2. I would LVOE some thing in purple epi oooh.....:love:
  3. Purple, pink, shamrock green and turquoise Epi. :yes:
  4. Cerulean or like this one green shade that my Lacoste polo is. :love:
  5. My favorite color is pink so I wish they would make a nice pink color in epi or some sort of jade green.
  6. Oh yes... a soft pink... like the old rose vernis from 1999... I adored that color.:love:
  7. I wish LV will make an Epi in Pink and I will absolutely buy it.
  8. I would love to see Epi and Suhali in a light rosy colour...not baby pink, not dark pink, just a light, subtle rosy colour. That would be gorgeous :heart:
  9. I wish LV would do the monogram line with a black background, but not with multicolor LVs, maybe gray....like a black & white shading effect.....
  10. Black and white would be cool in monogram!
  11. i'd love a really dark blue messenger.. something in the taiga line.
  12. Burgundy!