Which color Juicy dress?

  1. I'm partial to Beth.... because it's my name :smile:
  2. either beth or joanna
  3. go for beth! it's a gorgeous color and will look amazing during summer!
  4. Another vote for Beth!!!!
  5. My vote is for the green. Now I want one! I have the white and love it:smile:
  6. Joanna
  7. im soo getting joanna, ive been waiting for that kind of pink to come! thanks!
  8. Id go for black , Because its a colour you can put anything with. or white because it will complement your skin.
  9. I like Joanna. I'm such a sucker for pink!
  10. beth or white!
  11. What's your colouring? If you are a brunette with anything more than pale skin then Beth or green would look amazing. If you are blonde then I think those two colours would be too cold and eggy or Joanna would be better. Peck on the other hand would suit any colouring

    Cute dress too!
  12. I love the peck. Otherwise I'd go for the eggy depending on your coloring.
  13. I'm the same coloring as the model in the pic.
  14. The Beth or the Green!!