which color JC ramona/riki should i get?


Which color JC RAmona/Riki should i get?

  1. Black

  2. Red

  3. Tan

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  1. havent decided if I should get the romana or riki... but cant decide what color i should get. The red, Black or tan. I am in love with the distressed leather and the snakeskin detail - so i really really want to get one.

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee help me decide!!!!! i'm losing sleep over thiss.. i love all the colorsss... i want them all! but i can only get one :confused1: please adviseeeeeeeee
    camel%20ramona.jpg 071RIKIBWS_medium_fr_Burgundy.jpg 071RAMONABWS_medium_fr_Black.jpg
  2. I really love the red, if I didn't need a black bag that is the one I'd get....so RED!!

    They are all gorgeous, you can't go wrong with any of them.
  3. In the distressed leather the tan one gets my vote.
  4. I love the red! Black and tan bags are very popular, but the red really stands out. Let us know what you decide!
  5. Love the red!!!:yes:
  6. Love the tan!:yes:
  7. That is a tough call!

    Can you tell us more about:
    * what bags you already have--i.e., do you need a basic black bag?
    * how you plan to primarily use the bag--for work, casual wear, both?
    * your favorite wardrobe colors, your hair/eye color?
  8. 1) i have a small black evening bag - all my other are different colors. no red tho.

    2) i;m planning to use the bag as an everyday bag.

    3) dont have fav colors really. hair is dark brown, eyes are brown and skintone - tanned.

    hope that helps.
  9. ^^^Ok, given those answers, I'm voting for black. The burgundy is pretty, but the black is the most versatile everyday bag, in my opinion.

    Good luck. All the Ramonas are stunning. I :heart: my Ramona!
  10. I prefer tan.
  11. I agree with above : it depends on the colors of your other bags. And also what color are you most drawn to, it's an expensive bag so you want to love using it and get a lot of use out of it! I think all are pretty neutral colors that would go with a lot, the exception being red if you wear a lot of bright colors. But you can't go wrong, they are all gorgeous. (That being said I bought the black which I love! And although I have a ton of purses, when I bought my Ramona, it was the first current black aside from a beaded evening clutch.
  12. I think black for an everyday bag, even though that red is beautiful!
  13. Normally, I say go for the black, but I have seen all 3 IRL and the red is to DIE FOR:yes:
    I just purchased a Bordeaux Riki in January and I really love the versatility of the color. It goes wonderfully with anything. If cost is not an issue, get one of each:party:
  14. The tan gets my vote... its a nice colour with either style
  15. I don't think you can go wrong w/ any of those colors, but I vote for the RED!