which color jack and lucie do you like better?


what color jack and lucie do you like better

  1. orange and white

  2. black and olive/mono colors

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  1. orange and white or the black and olive? i have mono, damier and myrtille epi bags.

    or do you think they're ugly and a waste?
  2. out of the 2 I prefer the orange/white combo I've seen a few people with them and they looked nice but not really for me
  3. I like orange and white.
  4. I like the dark brown and olive. They're definitely worth every penny! They're so cute!
  5. I prefer the orange/white combo. They are very cute! I think the orange would pop nicely together with myrtille!
  6. orange and white
  7. i like them, but that sure is a lot of money for a charm or key chain! i am not comfortable spending that kind of money on anything but a bag yet!
  8. I've seen J&L irl today for the first time, and they are quite big...so you get a lot of bang for your buck. The Mirroir keychain is tiny in comparison...
  9. I :heart: orange and white but just can't justify the price.
  10. I'm partial to the orange and white. :smile:
  11. love the black and olive; have so many bag charms though, can't get another, but would if i could justify it....:push:
  12. orange & white...they are so cute!
  13. hmmm orange and white seems to be winning, i was partial to the darker colors myself but i can't decide. i only have an inclusion charm and i too think it's a lot of money. i really want either this or a pastilles but i can't decide which i should get
  14. I like the orange and white ... it just gives it a pop of color! It's really a very cute keychain but if you're really unsure, go for the pastilles.
  15. I have the brown & olive but I think the orange would look great on damier, and better on the myrtille as well. In fact, why didn't I get the orange...?