Which color is this metallic reissue? bronze? dark silver? gold?

  1. This looks bronze/gold to me. I am sure this is not a rose gold. It is a 07AW item.
    Could anyone tell me the official color of this reissue? Thank you!
  2. looks like dark silver but not completely sure. check to see if it has bronze/rose undertones. if it does, then it's the dark silver.
  3. It's so hard to tell for sure unless you get a picture in natural sunlight. It can either be the dark silver or the light silver.
  4. yes, it has bronze/gold/rose undertone but no silver undertone. It is a dark silver??? [​IMG]
  5. i definitely don't think it's the light silver. light silver doesn't look pewter or slightly bronzey in pictures at all. the color captures better in photos IMO and is a true silver color.
  6. that's definitely the dark silver as I have one too.
  8. Does it not say on the box? Maybe if you posted a picture of the sticker on the box someone can look at the color code and know for sure.
  9. It should be dark silver, i have one.