Which color is the true Hermes orange?

  1. I couldn't find an answer in the color reference thread, so I hope it is okay to ask here?

    Is it orange or potiron or another color that is the 'true' Hermes orange?
  2. This probably comes out sounding silly anyway >> Orange.
  3. ^ thanks LOL .. When I saw pics of orange and potiron, they looked so similar, I just had to know the answer to a dumb question .. feel free to :lecture:
  4. Of course not. It is from this forum that I learnt many things.

    A favourite description of Orange is that it's a bright & cheery orange. And Potiron is a more muted orange. Hope this helps.

    Looking for a Orange H bag or accessory :graucho:??
  5. Hehe.. I want .. NEED.. 3 Hermes bag ( at least - right now I have zero) First is black Birkin, second is orange Birkin, third is white or Blue Jean Birkin .. juuust wanted to know in good time in advance ( like 3 or 4 years) what color the Orange Birkin is called..

    I am a Birkin Girl .. My mom is a Kelly mom!
  6. here you go... hermes orange swift birkin - same orange as the box

  7. DROOOL archangel!!! thank you for that pic!! what a gorgeus bag..
  8. wow! thats a beautiful bag!
  9. Mai Brit, there are 2 regular oranges that Hermès produces; Signature orange (as per the orange swift Birkin that Archangel kindly pictured) and Potiron.

    Signature Orange is the same colour (almost) as the Hermès orange box ... a very bright orange.

    Potiron is a darker shade of orange with a brown undertone and in my view having had both, is more versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

  10. Here is another pic of Orange, mine is also swift. I find this color very versatile. This bag was a surprise gift from my hubby and I was a lil shocked and scared to use the bag when I saw the color but it has turned out to be the most useable color of all my bags (others are vert anis and rouge garance). I think using a color like this mainly has to do with your wardrobe. I usually wear jeans with a dressier top and the bag pulls everything together. Here is my pic.

  11. Love Signature Orange in Swift which is a wonderful leather for bringing out the vibrancy of colours ... my Signature Orange was in Epsom which wasn't the most appealing for me anyway whereas my Potiron is in Togo

    Congrats FDL, lovely bag and I like the way you have dressed it up:heart:
  12. ^ I agree with FF! The colour is so close to the Hermes box in Swift.
  13. I hope you realize that by posting these DROOL worthy pictures of your orange bags that it is going to start a rush on orange items. I need some orange in my life....
  14. Mai Britt, we are on the same page regarding wanting & NEEDing birkins, life will be so dull without them;), problem is when you start, you can't stop......you keep thinking about the next color & leather............hope you get yours soon......:yes:
  15. Archangel, I love this photo! Now I really, really need to get something in...well...ORANGE!