Which color is referred to Forest Green?

  1. I read thread abt stock of B bags at BalNy and wonder abt color :confused1:

    Which color is referred as forest green? Which season is it?

    Pls advise or post some pics of forest green...

  2. It is Sapin from pre-fall 06. Don't have a pic but you can see it on atelier.naff website.
  3. It's a beautiful color--in person, much blacker IMO than in the photo, yet clearly green.
  4. Thanks ladiesss...

    yeah, it's a very beautiful color...;)
  5. ^^^You're soooo right ;)
  6. and here is a Sapin Twiggy:

  7. leather looks so yummy
  8. I love Sapin. Sapin and black were the two colors I was debating on, ended up with black. I would love to see sapin IRL.
  9. ^^ Siri Anne I love your sapin work!!!!
  10. Love the Sapin pipcs ladies - seriously making me drool!