Which color is more similar to LV Galet? Dune or Souris?

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Souris or Dune?

  1. Souris

    2 vote(s)
  2. Dune

    9 vote(s)
  1. Hi guys
    I love the Galet color from LV.

    Does anyone know, between Souris and Dune , which is more similar to the LV Galet color?

    Can’t decide between these 2 for my Celine Nano Luggage.

    please help. Thanks

    BE315C00-B81C-4AC1-837C-D38A88CA5BC9.jpeg B25B5501-223E-4357-B094-08D0273324D1.jpeg F224B8C1-FAC1-4BE7-957B-051F802B4CD3.jpeg A8E5FDCE-277A-41F8-B3C5-166FD1EFF9B1.jpeg
  2. I actually don't think either of these colors are similar to Galet. I think the Dune is much warmer and more golden and to my eye the Souris seems to be closer to Hermes Etain. HTH!
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  3. oh I always thought Souris looks like hermes etoupe.
    Do you think dune is yellower and lighter than galet? And dune is closer to hermes trench? Thank you ❤️